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1. Installation

1.1 Where do I get DXSpider?

All things Spider can be found at and the actual program and patches can be found in the download area.

1.2 How do I use the patches?

Patching is done in the standard linux way ...

zcat /tmp/patch-1.40 | patch -p0

assuming the patch version you are using is 1.40 and resides in /tmp!

Be aware that each patch assumes the previous patch has been applied. That is to say if you are patching from version 1.38 to 1.40 you would first need to apply patch-1.39 and then patch-1.40.

1.3 If I use a tarball to overwrite my installation, what happens to my configuration?

The tarballs are designed to not overwrite your existing configuration and can be used at any time to update your Spider software. All the key files have the suffix .issue (eg. at default.

1.4 I am running RedHat 5.2 and I am getting strange errors, what is wrong?

The version of Perl that comes with 5.2 seems to be some kind of pre-release and is broken. You can get a new version of perl from or Don't forget to patch it with the CPAN modules.

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